Five (5) Steps to Learn any Programming Language
Five (5) Steps to Learn any Programming Language

Its amazed me to see someone using a software like a cashier in a grocery store or an admin officer in a work place. I usually used to gaze at the screen and say to myself... I can build something like this!   


Some people find programming diffcult while some find it easy. But the truth is... programming can be easy when you have passion for it and when you focus on understanding how it works and start using what you have learned to build amazing projects. In this article, I'll write on the "Learn model" and I will explain in five (5) steps how to learn any programming language you wish to explore...


Step 1: Attending Meet-ups

Meet-ups are like a workshop or a conference where people with the same interest come together and discuss about a specific theme or topic. When google released "Flutter", a meet-up was organised by Kano Start-Up and we were introduced to "Flutter". We discussed about the new technology and a community was formed where we share our experience with the technology and any job opening on the technology is posted in the community and any interested member can apply. I was able to get a complete udemy course on Flutter from Shahid Sani, who is one of the leads of the community.


Step 2: Watching video tutorials

The Internet is filled with lots of tutorials on any technology you wish to learn. With a single Google search, you will get any tutorial you want. Some video tutorials are free like YouTube whereas some are not free like Udemy. A quick advice, "Always start with FREE courses before going for PAID courses". 


Step 3: Reading Documentation or Articles

After watching a YouTube tutorial or a Udemy course, is time to try to build something with the little knowledge you have on that technology. Try something simple and easy. While you are working on your project, you will reach to point where you have to research on how to do something like implementing a payment getway with Flutterwave and trying to send email to all your newsletter subscribers and with your little experience, you don't know how to achieve that. Documentations and articles are your best options. With a single Google search, you will get an article on StackOverFlow or a link to the documentation website of that technology.


Step 4: Bootcamps or Training centers

Bootcamps are quite expensive and the duration is quite long. Some people will find it diffcult to leave their daily activities to attend a week bootcamp on Laravel. If you are interested to learn the techonolgy, that shouldn't be a hinderance. In bootcamps, you have access to your tutors and you can ask them whenever you want and they will guide you. You can pair with a student and you will learn together and challenge each other maybe through hackathons or code challenge. Training centers are more popular in my vicinity compared to Bootcamps. The main difference between a Bootcamp and Training centers is; Bootcamp is "camping" whereas Training centers are not camps, when you are through with your classes... you can continue with your daily activities. 


Step 5: Join a Community

I attended an A.I webinar and the keynote speaker said and I quote "You can't do this alone". You need a community to grow. Almost all these technologies have their communities like Google Developers Group (GDG), Facebook Developers Circle, BUK Developers Circle and lots of them. Find such kind of communities and join. One of the best communities I found myself in is "Arewa Tech Community". One of the leads in the community, the founder of TigmaPay has been an active member of the community and I got almost 80% of my Udemy courses from him. Find a community and join.


I will be writing my next article on "Code Model". If you find this article useful, don't forget to hit the share button. Thanks for reading and you can follow me on twitter @kabiryusufbashi

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